Grass-Fed Beef2

We have a signature range of Hereford grass-fed prime steaks, which are hand selected exclusively by Neil. Our selection of prime-cut steaks also includes our specialty Sher Wagyu.

Sher Wagyu


The Sher Wagyu beef is from Ballan, Victoria. It’s raised under the highest standards to ensure the health and comfort of the animals are considered. Australian Wagyu beef produced by the Sher family is the ultimate eating experience – delicious, tender and juicy with superb flavour.We currently have both striploin and scotch fillet both marble score 9.Also rib eye/op rib marble score 6.Sher Wagyu brisket marble score 8.

Sher Wagyu has been recognised by Australia's leading chefs and has been awarded Gold Medals in the Australian Produce awards in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015 & 2017.

We also supply one of Australia’s most prestigious and awarded beef brands, Darling Downs Wagyu, which contains the finely distributed and highly desirable levels of marbling sought after by chefs worldwide. Darling Downs won the champion medal at the Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show in 2016, for the second year running. We also stock Jacks Creek striplion marble score 8.

Rangers Valley rib eye/op rib.

Black Onyx rib eye/op rib.

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When cooking steak, it is important to use a hot plate or pan to seal the meat. Make sure you only turn it once; this will allow the meat to remain tender.

To test how well cooked it is, use your tongs to press the meat instead of cutting it. When you cut the steak, you let all the delicious juices escape. When pressing the meat with your tongs, the texture will show you how well cooked it is. If it is still very soft to touch, then it is rare. When it becomes firmer and has a spring to it, then it is medium rare.

Once the meat is very firm, it’s well done.

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