Australian Veal

Neil’s Meats is proud to be one of the only butchers in Australia to sell veal from leading producers; the Victorian Veal Company and Paramount Veal.

Australian veal is different to the European ‘white veal’ due to the treatment of the animals. To achieve the white coloured meat sold in Europe, the calves do not have any iron in their diets and are weaned from their mothers immediately. Australians are much more concerned with animal welfare and our code of practice means that such methods are not used here. This results in Australian veal having a natural pink colour, which comes from healthier, happier animals.


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When looking to purchase quality veal, choose cuts that are a pale pink with white fat. These cuts will be very tender and easy to cook. In general, veal is one of the most tender meats available. While it can be less flavoursome than beef, due to a reduced fat content, it is excellent meat to cook with.

It is important to make sure you do not overcook your veal as it can become tough if it is overdone. The meat should be removed from the heat a few minutes before it is done as it will continue to cook while it rests.

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